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Defined Benefit or Final Salary Pensions are complex in nature and in most cases offer very valuable benefits at retirement. The FCA have confirmed that a transfer of these benefits should always be considered ‘unsuitable’ as a starting assumption. Once benefits are transferred out of a Defined Benefit Scheme, this decision is irreversible and the guarantees associated with these schemes are lost.

Whilst this is true, we know that every client is individual and has their own personal circumstances, needs and objectives.

We believe it is vital that anyone looking to potentially transfer their Defined Benefit pension gets the right ‘expert, unbiased and relevant’ advice prior to making any decisions. It is imperative that they understand the risks involved before making a transfer.

Given the current climate following the introduction of pension freedoms and historically high transfer values, we know that the demand for this type of advice far outweighs the supply.

Pension Advice Specialists was set up to help provide ‘quality’ advice to the those in need of it.